A boutique, full-service consumer research agency located in Portland, Oregon.

Venturing into their world

The time spent out of the office are often the most insightful. There is no better way to learn about your consumer than spending time in their world. We help clients find rich insights by experiencing their consumers’ lives firsthand.

  • Talk to people in their world – conducting focus groups and interviews in a more natural, creative environment like their home or office, away from professional facilities
  • Leverage online journals to capture consumer’s attitudes, beliefs and behaviors
  • Take an existing quantitative segmentation and identify what makes these segments tick by speaking with them in focus groups, in-home or in-person visits and online journals
  • Deliver high-impact video summaries of insights and live stream sessions regardless of the location by partnering with experienced videographers
Case Study:The Gates Foundation

The Challenge

The Gates Foundation wanted to provide insights into the lives of teachers for small technology companies / start-ups who develop educational software products.

The Approach

100 online assignments completed by 3-8th grade teachers in Austin, Philadelphia and Chicago.

9, 105-minute focus group workshops in the same markets.

12, 3-hour in-school / home visits.

The Results

Created user profiles and videos depicting the life of a teacher.

Identified the primary and unmet needs of EdTech products.

Segmented the world of teachers to help software developers understand and better address the nuances and needs.