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Exploring new frontiers

No market or industry is static – most are in a constant state of flux. With this change comes a barrage of new opportunities that are tempting but often difficult to analyze. We help clients objectively assess a changing market and explore the power of their brand in new product categories.

  • Provide an unbiased, insightful analysis of brand perception in an existing category or a possible extension into a new area
  • Identify the potential and limitations of the brand in new categories and products
  • Deliver a comprehensive understanding of existing and unmet needs in new categories or product areas
Case Study:Naked Juice

The Challenge

Naked Juice wanted to better understand the needs and attitudes of coconut water drinkers and explore how to best evolve their formulation. Additionally, the brand wanted to better understand how coconut water drinkers shopped for these products to optimize the product location and in-store marketing.

The Approach

Intercepted juice drinkers in grocery stores at sampling stations in New York and Los Angeles.

These juice drinkers completed a short survey and if they qualified, were invited to a focus group.

6, 2-hour focus group workshops in a casual loft environment for sampling and discussion.

10, shop-alongs in the same markets in a range of stores.

The Results

Confirmed the best formulation for future coconut water offering.

Evolved the marketing, packaging and in-store location of the coconut water offering.

Identified new segments of drinkers and extended the offering to address their needs.