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Exploring new frontiers

Every brand faces a barrage of new opportunities that are challenging to analyze.  We help clients objectively assess potential brand adjacencies and find the best opportunities.

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of existing and unmet needs in new categories or product areas.
  • Identify the potential and limitations of the brand in new categories and products.
Case Study:K-Swiss

The Challenge

K-Swiss was seeking a more in-depth understanding of the pickleball market and the business potential.  They wanted to better understand the behaviors, attitudes, and influences of pickleball players at various levels, and how these players viewed the K-Swiss brand.

The Approach

Ten-minute online survey of 1,000 frequent and casual players

The Results

Identified the distinct differences between frequent and casual players

Identified product preferences and purchase intent for pickleball gear and events

Identified the awareness, current usage, and equity of K-Swiss

Identified the perceived leaders in pickleball and awareness / interest in pro pickleball