A boutique, full-service consumer research agency located in Portland, Oregon.

Navigating positioning and language

Finding the right language is critical – one word can make or break even the best idea or product. We help clients create consumer-centric concepts to optimally position and message their products and services for success.

  • Develop a number of distinct, well-articulated concepts that have the potential to unlock our client’s idea or product
  • Listen objectively to how consumers react to these concepts and the language used in messaging
  • Deliver a clear point-of-view on the optimal concept language for use in further testing or for briefing to an agency
Case Study:T-Mobile

The Challenge

T-Mobile wanted to gain a competitive advantage in wireless by offering a specific amount of free global data to their customers. They wanted to identify how compelling the offer was and how to best message it with both travelers and non-travelers.

The Approach

6, 2-hour focus group workshops in New York and Denver with a range of customers (from non-travelers to heavy travelers).

The Results

Validated the need for global data services and the pain of overages when traveling.

Identified the best communications platform for the offer.

Identified the most compelling language / messaging for customers.