A boutique, full-service consumer research agency located in Portland, Oregon.

The importance of technology and real-time insights

The world is tech-centric, and so is our approach to research. Technology enables our insight work to be mobile and go wherever consumers go. We leverage tablets in virtually all of our work to increase engagement while capturing individual voices and opinions, eliminating the typical drawbacks of qualitative research.

  • Real-time data eliminates the dominant, and often minority, voice from disrupting a discussion and allows our moderators to gain a deeper understanding of the ‘whys’ behind their responses
  • No limits – our research goes to where people are.  We are with them in the moment – shopping, working, watching / playing a sport, or on a college campus
  • The best of both worlds – the power of numbers from a survey with the understanding of the ‘why’ from a discussion. Tablets allow us to capture a larger sample (100-200) and probe the survey results in real-time – all within one project (= faster, more reliable results).
Case Study:Sonos

The Challenge

Sonos wanted to better understand the competitive threat of a new form factor in their category. The company wanted to identify consumer needs for this form factor and explore its functionality in consumers’ homes.

The Approach

192 online assignments completed by music lovers in Chicago and London.

16, 1-hour Data & Dialogue sessions.

12, 3-hour in-home visits.

The Results

Identified the uses, the sound experience and aesthetic of the TV room.

Quantified awareness and interest in the category and preferences between several form factors.

Findings enabled Sonos to determine the need for the new form factor and begin briefing the design of their prototype.